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Compare Prime Lens Vs Zoom Lens

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Deciding between prime & Zoom lenses?

canon-85mm-lens Canon 24-70 F2.8 L2

A prime lens can’t zoom. If you want to move closer or farther away with a prime, you move your legs ahead or behind

A zoom lens does what you might expect: it zooms in and out, allowing you to magnify your subject.

 Why Prime Lenses ?


Primes are cheaper than zooms for the same quality due to lower number of moving parts and simpler construction. While there are many expensive prime lenses also the Canon & Nikon 50mm are completely value for money lenses

Primes have a wider aperture (lower F stop number) than zoom lenses within the same price range, hence they have a better low light performance

Primes perform better for specific functions

Primes are lighter in weight than zooms in the same focal length due to their simpler construction

Why zoom Lenses?

Canon 24-70 F2.8 L2

Zoom lenses are better for portability because, one lens can serve the purpose of 2-3 prime lenses

Zooms lenses are super for shooting on the go. Zoom in or out, get a different magnification and continue shooting

Zoom lenses work very well in quick on the go shoots like weddings, sports etc

Deciding between Prime & Zoom Lenses

Choose a Prime Lenses if you are going to shoot in low light conditions, have a sort of fixed sort of area and have the time for setting up your shot and change lenses.

Choose a Zoom Lens if you are shooting on the go, don’t want too many lens baggage, have an unwillingness to change lenses