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6 Tips To Choose A Perfect Lens For Your Camera!

Friday, February 9th, 2018


which lens

A camera helps to capture the world around and a lens is what plays the main role to help you do that perfectly. The quality and the type of lens surely make a difference in the image captured. Whether it is about buying a dash cam or a nanny cam with audio, if you are deciding to add a new camera to your kit, just read these tips to help you choose the perfect lens.

  1. 1.      What do you want to shoot?

This is the first and the most basic question that should be asked before you jump into the technical specifications of the lens. The type of lens you should buy depends on what you are going to shoot with it, whether it is landscapes, portraits, architecture, birds, wildlife, sports or other subjects.


  1. 2.      Decide the budget

Cost is of course, always a factor to be considered. Cost of a lens depends on the aperture, focal length, and other specifications. An expensive lens has a fixed aperture i.e.  no matter how much you zoom the aperture remains fixed, unlike the less expensive ones which have a variable aperture. A variety of lens is available to suit the budget and the aperture and focal length requirements.


  1. 3.      Aperture of the lens

The aperture of a lens determines how much light can the lens let in and is a number written on the lens.

  • Wide aperture: Smaller the number, wider the aperture. A wide aperture captures more light and hence can take photographs even when the light available is less but makes the image less sharp.
  • Narrow aperture: Larger the number, narrower the aperture. In contrast to the wide aperture lens, it captures less light but provides a greater depth of the field.


  1. 4.      Focal length

It determines how far can you zoom in. Larger the number more will be the magnifying power of the lens. It is a prominent aspect of a lens irrespective of whether you are going for a dash cam or a nanny cam with audio.


  1. 5.      Stabilization

Having a stabilized lens is an expensive deal but it lets you take sharp shots even in varying lighting conditions and eliminates camera shake.


  1. 6.      Perspective

Visual perspective is, of course, an important part when you wish to tell a story through your capture. It may happen that when you are shooting a tall building and you shift the lens upward, the building shape gets distorted showing a thinner top and a wide bottom, unlike the reality. This simply means the perspective being captured is not correct and hence a lens needs to be such that it can correct the perspective and show the true picture.


Buying a lens for your camera is a huge investment. Once you have invested in the camera, the next is the lens which should be chosen wisely and the above tips will definitely help. Follow the tips and save yourself from the regret which may follow a wrong purchase!


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Broadcast India Show 2017 breaks all previous records!

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

bi                                                              nm

Broadcast India Show 2017 breaks all previous records!


ü  Growth of 15% over last edition

ü  Overwhelming response from exhibitors and visitors

ü  Perfect Networking Platform for the professionals from Content Creation to its Management and Delivery

ü  Right mix of impressive displays ranging from Acquisition & Production, Post Production, Infrastructure, Automation, Delivery, Storage and AUDIO  


The 27th edition of the annual B2B Broadcast India Show concluded on a spectacular note on 14th October 2017 at Hall 6, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai. The three-day trade fair witnessed the leading participants from across the globe present a wide array of products and technologies from the broadcast, television, film, audio and radio industry. For over the last two and a half decades, the Broadcast India Show has positioned itself as the single most interactive platform that showcases, the paradigm shifts in infotainment technology across the globe and allows technology seekers to connect with the innovators and experience the marvels first-hand.

The three-day trade fair opened with a customary lamp lighting ceremony in the presence of Satish Kumar Agarwal, President, All India Broadcast Manufacturers & Distributers Association, Ramesh & Kavita Meer, Project Consultants, NürnbergMesse India, Joerg Uthmann, Executive Director, International Business Management, NürnbergMesse and Bernhard Steinruecke, Director General, Indo-German Chamber of Commerce.

Commenting on the occasion, Sonia Prashar, Chairperson & Managing Director, NürnbergMesse India said, “The response to the 27th edition of the Broadcast India Show has been phenomenal. Organized by NürnbergMesse India, over 590 manufacturers and brands displayed cutting edge technology and solutions at the trade fair. This year the event grew by 15% over last year in terms of exhibition space and new exhibitors. Broadcast India Show has carved a niche for itself in the broadcast industry. The exceptional response is testimonial to the fact that the event is the leading and the only platform for business networking and engagement for the industry. “

Kavita Meer, Project Consultant, Broadcast India Show 2017 shared, “Broadcast India Show has always attracted the key influencers and decision makers of the industry. This year over a leading number of global professionals made their attendance at the event. The show has become a calendar event for the industry and it is because of its ability to attract professionals from the entire spectrum of the broadcast industry that it enjoys such a strong connection with the infotainment industry.”

From content creation to its management and delivery, Broadcast India Show 2017 presented an entire gamut of products and solutions catering to the entire scale of the broadcast and film industry. Thousands of buyers and delegates gathered to witness the largest conglomeration of the solution providers for the broadcast and the infotainment industry. Apart from the business dealings on the exhibition show floor, there was a lot of buzz around the power-packed conference sessions throughout day 1 and 2 of the exhibition. Relevant topics like – Emerging trends in mobile and film making, IP in Broadcasting and Audio Solutions for TV Broadcasting were discussed. The keynote by Jonathan Wales, CEO of WildfireSonic Magic, USA, stressed upon Next Generation Audio Mixing while Dane Gambrill, Watson Media & Cloud Video Business Unit Executive – Asia Pacific, IBM stressed upon – Becoming a living media partner for your consumers: A cognitive future for Media & Entertainment.

Dr. Edison Samraj, Managing Director – India, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives, Adventist Media Centre, shared, “Broadcast India Show 2017 was an excellent presentation of various technologies available for media people. I think it was a good exercise to see how we can have many complex operations with precision and clarity. Every business and media house needs to empower themselves with latest technologies and I have come here to learn what areas can be developed in our media house to match with the growing trends and technological advancements.”

Milind Dinakmule, Cinematographer, said, “I have been visiting the Broadcast India Show right from its inception and have always found the event to provide all solutions for the entire broadcast industry in a platter. I would like to see the event to expand to other cities as well like Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. “

Leading brands not only managed to connect with existing buyers but also acquire new buyers from across the country. Amitabh Kumar, Head- Marketing (Professional Category), Sony India, said, “We have had a number of key visitors who have visited us at our booth not only from Mumbai but from other cities as well. The Broadcast India Show is a key platform for us to launch our models in the broadcast industry in India. This is the only platform where we can showcase our models to the broadcast industry. As India is growing, I hope Broadcast India Show also grows and accommodates more and more brands and vendors and makes it more attractive.”

Umender Shah, Business Head India and SAARC, Zeiss, shared, “We have been at the Broadcast India Show for the last 5 years and every year we have been seeing there is a considerable amount of change than the previous edition. Broadcast India Show is one of the serious professional show and the kind of visitors that come in, they are really good.  It is a platform where we meet the customers because of which we are successful. Every year the quality of visitors is also improving. I thank the organisers for organizing the event in such a beautiful way that every year, we not only get good customers but also new visitors from the show. Keep it up and thank you for such a beautiful management of the Broadcast India Show.”

Commenting on the occasion, Dan Holland, Marketing Manager, IHSE, USA, says, “We have had a very good experience at the Broadcast India Show. We have got quite a few new customers coming in. This is our third year at the Broadcast India Show and as we are getting more exposure and brand recognition, people are recognizing the quality that IHSE brings to the broadcast market for India. The quality of visitors was very good. We are seeing a wide range of visitors coming in anywhere from a standard small studio all the way up to full scale television and broadcast production.”

Some of the leading brands who displayed their products are Blackmagic Design, Sony, AVID, RED Digital, Canon, Datavideo, Samsung, IBM, Ross Video, FOR-A, Grass Valley, ARRI, Atomos, Carl Zeiss, Panther, Seagate, On Air Asia, AJA Video Systems, Playbox, IHSE, Primestream, Ikegami, Hitachi, Monarch, Netweb and Sennheiser among many others.

The next edition of the Broadcast India Show will be held from 25-27 October, 2018 and will once again serve as the trend setter and will prove to be testimony to the largest gathering of professionals from the broadcast Industry.


About the NürnbergMesse Group

NürnbergMesse is one of the 15 largest exhibition companies in the world.
The portfolio covers some 120 national and international exhibitions and congresses and approx. 40 sponsored pavilions at the Nuremberg location and worldwide. Every year, around 30,000 exhibitors (international share: 41%) and up to 1.4 million visitors (international share of trade visitors: 24%) participate in the own, partner and guest events of the NürnbergMesse Group, which is present with subsidiaries in China, North America, Brazil, Italy and India. The group also has a network of about 50 representatives operating in over 100 countries.


Contact for Press & Media:

Mr. Apurba Biswas

NürnbergMesse India Pvt. Ltd.

Tel.: +91 22 62165316

Differences between the Sony FS7 and FS7 II

Monday, May 8th, 2017







sony fs7 ii 500

Changed ND filter ND filter with 4 levels Electronic Variable ND filter from ¼ to 1/128
Changed E Mount Standard E mount E mount locking mechanism
Improved Colour space Rec 709 Rec 2020 (same as F5) so get better colours
Added Power LED NA Above the on off switch to show if the camera is on
Thumb Screw on grip arm extension Required a screw driver No screw driver required to control
Assignable User buttons 6 10
Changed Recording card holder Sticks out 4.3mm more for easier removal
Changed big viewfinder loupe One of the two flimsy loupe attachments has been removed. They also added a nice foldable sun hood as an alternative to the loupe when using the LCD in sunlight.
Changed LCD attachment The round rod with a square one, so the LCD doesn’t tilt so easily.

What hasn’t Changed

Super  35 sensor, 4k DCI resolution upto 60fps, internal Slo mo till 180 fps,

Electronic Variable ND filter

While the FS7 has 4 levels of ND, The FS7 II gets the an electronic neutral density filter which is continuously variable from 1/4 to 1/128 strength. It can also be completely disengaged when unneeded and is automatically replaced with a clear glass.


The Electronic ND works in 3 ways

1. You can preset the four-position filter wheel to whatever fixed discreet levels of ND you want – in a similar way to the way you can assign values on the gain switch on other models. This allows you to work in much the same way as you would with a conventional ND filter wheel, with rapid ND changes if you need them.

2. Alternatively you can use a thumbwheel to vary the ND continuously, through seven stops of correction. This is essentially a better version of a front mounted variable ND filter, but without the drawbacks.

3. You can use automatic ND for auto exposure without varying f-stop, gain, or shutter speed. The electronic neutral density control doesn’t affect the color the way a regular ND fader filter on the front of a lens does, and it quickly becomes your primary exposure control, allowing you to work at a constant aperture in almost all situations.

E mount locking Mechanism


The innovation about the E-Mount Lever Lock mechanism makes it very similar to the PL mount system used in cinema productions: instead of turning the lens you now turn the collar.


This helps lock lenses more tightly and is ideal for large camera setups such as when you have a matte box and follow focus setup, as you don’t need to twist the lens.

This mount is ideal for cinema, large lens setups and also when the camera is on a tripod but could be challenging to use single handedly.


Tool-less operations

The FS7 II’s “tool-less” mechanical design lets users make on-the-fly changes to the camera’s set-up and operation. For example, no tools are required to adjust the Smart Grip or viewfinder positions


Changed Microphone mount


The microphone mount is now runs on a 15mm rod, rather than being fixed on the rod as on the FS7. The mount has been modified for better noise isolation from handling. The new mount allows you to use a microphone either on top, or slightly underslung closer to the lens.


Changed View finder mount

The viewfinder mount’s front and rear adjustment has been changed from a round rod, to a very slightly longer squared-off tube that will ensure that the viewfinder stays in a horizontal orientation. The earlier circular rod has been provided for users preferring the old one.


In the nutshell, a few changes making it primarily useful for feature film makers. Documenatry and smaller film crews will continue to prefer the older version



Webcasting – The future & Some Popular Webstreaming Sites

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017


video web for blog

Some common questions we hear these days are :

What do we need to webcast our event ?

Can you help us webcast our event ?

Can we webstream from our office ?

I’d like to web stream my wedding being shot on a multicam ? Possible ?


Webcasting events is now easier and more popular than one thinks.


Company AGMs, Conferences, CEO interviews are using this to connect to their viewers, juniors and stakeholders live. Many company heads are using webcasts to speak to their partners and juniors across the globe in real time. Webcasting is not limited to such closed user groups but now competes with TV viewership of Tv shows, weddings, sporting events, gaming and anything else that you can think of broadcasting sitting right where you are. The broadcast setup is almost in your pocket today!


There are many popular live video broadcast tools available today. All one needs is a webcam (or a camera), a microphone and a small web streaming device and a site to beam on :


Some popular webcasting sites are :



Targeted towards a much younger and indie crowd, YouNow is versatile and free app for your computer, Android, iPhone, iPad, and even your iPod.

Going live on YouNow gives your event exposure to a much younger and wider audience. This site allows you to give your event a much more personal touch with handheld broadcasting abilities on your smartphone or tablet. Creating and hosting your event broadcast is as simple as creating a searchable hashtag, taking a snapshot, clicking to share your broadcast, and hitting the “Go Live” button. Think of it as a video Twitter, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice!

YouNow is one of the trendier live broadcast alternatives for stars who are big online already — musicians, actors, comedians and all sorts of other entertainers.


Google Hangouts on Air

Google Hangouts on Air is a free option offered to all Google+ users which allows up to ten simultaneous broadcasters to participate at once through your Google+/YouTube channel or your own web site. Once you go live, anyone with that web address can view your live stream. This site allows the webcasters to interact with their audiences.


YouTube Live Events

Youtube too offers this broadcasting feature for live videos. You can access by clicking on “Live events” found in the Video Manager of your account. After you verify your account and enable live streaming, you’ll be able to set up your camera or webcam and even engage with your audience in real time as they watch.


XSplit Free

XSplit has free and several paid options, with enhanced features such as professional broadcasting tools and custom script plugins, the free option for XSplit offers everything you need to set up a live HD broadcast in a pinch.



Like YouNow, Bambuser uses a system of hashtags and simple apps to bring your broadcast to the masses. The free version of Bambuser has limited production and editing functionality, like YouNow, but also offers paid options starting at $45 a month for those looking for a more in-depth live streaming experience.

Bambuser also has a mobile broadcasting app which works on iPhone, Android, and even Windows phones.


Facebook Live Stream

This feature on the social media behemoth allows not only pages, but attendees, and other fans to go live at your event and broadcast their experiences straight from their mobile phones. With this tool you can choose your audience, receive live feedback in the comment section about your event, and measure how many viewers your livestream brought in.



Most of the broadcast tools listed above can all be used for free to broadcast live video to a large number of online audience members worldwide. Livestream, on the other hand, is for people and businesses that are more serious about their broadcasted events — offering a suite of Platform, Producer, Broadcast and Studio products for a monthly fee. A 30-day free trial is included, after which users can choose from a Basic, Premium or Enterprise plan.



Is similar to Live stream


There are many companies, including Accord Equips who is now offering the webstreaming setup on rentals. Given the ease of webstreaming this is only going to get more popular ?



Parts of the article were sourced from :


Zeiss Exo lenses pros and cons

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

exo lens


exo lens 1





The good

The Zeiss name lives upto its standard.

The Iphone lenses deliver excellent photo quality & video quality.

No artifacts and great sharpness. No distortion and vignetting.
The lenses are well constructed in aluminum and glass. The frame to hold the lenses is sturdy.
The bad

The screw mount can be awkward for quick swaps.

The bracket mount blocks the camera’s flash and

you’re bound to lose the tiny back caps. And they’re pretty expensive.
The bottom line

Great lenses that have increased the flexibility of shooting on the Iphone. A great set of lenses for serious photographers who are ready to spend. The lenses will be a big boon for guerilla film makers, people web streaming using iphones etc.