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GoPro Camera (Hero 4 & Hero 3+)

Monday, August 22nd, 2016








…                                                                            Hero 4 Black                                      Hero 3+ Black

Weight/weight with housing                     88g/152g                                             74g/136g

Video mode /Max frame rate                   4K / 30fps                                          4K / 15 fps
…                                                                          2.7K / 50 fps                                     2.7 K / 30 fps
…                                                                         1440p / 80 fps                                   1440p / 48fps
…                                                                         1080p / 120 fps                                1080p / 60 fps
…                                                                         960p / 120 fps                                   960p / 100 fps
…                                                                         720p / 120fps                                    720p /120fps

High Bitrate (H.264)                                   60Mb/s                                                 45 Mb/s

Protune                                                            Video + Photo                                    Video

High Light Tag                                               Available                                               -

Wifi                                                                      Available                                             Available

Bluetooth                                                        Available                                               -







Nikon D810 advantages over Nikon D800

Monday, June 13th, 2016
Reasons to choose Nikon D810 over Nikon D800

6 advantages

 Max ISO 51.200 vs 25.600 100% higher Max ISO
 LCD Screen Resolution 1.229k dots vs 921k dots 33% higher resolution screen
 Continuous Shooting 5.0 fps vs 4.0 fps 1 fps faster
 Battery Life 1200 shots vs 900 shots 300 more frames with a single charge
 Color Depth 25.7 vs 25.3 higher color depth
 Dynamic Range 14.8 vs 14.4 higher dynamic range

New video features in Nikon D810 include an Auto ISO in M exposure mode, which eliminates the need to adjust the aperture, a highlight-weighted metering option to help prevent blown-out highlights in video, and the addition of zebra stripes to make it easier to spot overexposed areas while filming. A new flat/neutral color profile is also especially handy when shooting video as it gives users maximum flexibility in post-production. The built-in microphone on the D810 is also stereo.

The level of detail and sharpness, the wide dynamic range and rich tonality is far better than the Dnikon D800 and makes it ideal for still and multimedia photographers including landscape, studio, wedding and portrait pros.
Faster autofocus, fast frame rates and image processing, smaller file formats, greater energy efficiency are some advantages. How we wish they had added a 4k option though!

Foreign Faces Behind The Scenes

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

cameraman silhoutte

Circa 1993.  Shekhar Kapur started shooting BANDIT QUEEN with an international cinematographer. Within the first days itself the international cinematographer was shown the door and replaced by our very own Late Ashok Mehta. Indian technicians are geared to deliver in the toughest of conditions and tons of compromises.

Circa 2013: NAMESTE LONDON has a cinematographer form London. The Sound Designer in DON was from Australia. The Action coordinator for KRISH was from abroad. Of late, due to the increasing popularity of Hindi films abroad, it’s not uncommon to see film technicians from different countries working on the sets of a Bollywood Production. LOVE SEX DHOKHA & SHANGHAI both films by Dibakaer banerji used an international DOP handling the camera

Mind you, this does not undermine our expertise of technicians but the presence of international technicians is a rational decision in most cases. For eg The cinematographer in NAMASTE LONDON being a local of Britain, would be able to show LONDON in a much better way then an outsider. The sound designer in DON charged a lower amount then the Indian sound Designer. It is important to note that DON has not been nominated for any of the sound design awards. The action in KRISH & KRISH 3 was path breaking and needed someone who knew how to execute it correctly.

It also helps that we have great budgets and the Indian film industry has recently achieved greater visibility in many European countries, in addition to the traditional NRI population in the US and UK. Given the recession in Erope,  a lot of local tehcnicians there are seeking work in India.

As our industry goes international, it only makes sense to incorporate international film making techniques to delivering better products. The interaction with well trained international technicians helps us learn these new ideas and methods.

International technicians, in turn, come here as they want to lend their technical expertise to films that have a unique mix of music, drama, action and comedy, all in one film. Sound recordists and cinematographers from Australia, Sweden, USA and UK have come to India as producers these days have started going the extra mile to ensure that their films have the desired visual or sound quality.

As Indian cinema expands it’s reach and explores global frontiers, it’s no surprise to see a reverse ‘talent drain’ taking place.