Things to keep in mind while shooting in India


Location diversity shooting-tulip-garden
India has a diverse range of locations to suit any filming requirement. From a vast selection of desert terrains in Rajasthan to the tropical beaches in Southern India . In addition a range of architectural styles exist, from the Middle Eastern influenced Islamic Mosques, Colonial and Victorian British Architecture and 18th Century Portuguese architecture in Goa.

Low Cost of production 
One of the major advantages of filming in India is the low cost of skilled labor and technicians. In addition the labor and technicians available are highly trained because of the high level of production output

Limited language barriers 
As English is one of the country’s official languages it makes it easier for international film crews to operate and communicate with the highly skilled local technicians. Any crew and most locals understand atleast basic English

Large bank of talented and experienced technicians

India produces the largest number of films in the world.Technicians have an ability to deliver in difficult conditions(often shoots within India do not have sufficient resources and infrastructure)

Production infrastructure 
As India is the highest producer of feature films, infrastructure like studios, labs, post-production facilities and skilled crew to support such prodigious output is already in place


SHOOTING IN INDIA : Keep in Mind the following

Most locations are noisy

The crews are always bigger than international locations. This could actually be an advantage as there are more helping hands

Obtaining permissions can be stressful.

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8 Responses to “Things to keep in mind while shooting in India”

  1. Kunal Wilson Magar Says:

    Dear Team,

    I just saw your link in google while searching for cameras on rental basis. I really have a very nice script which i want to make a movie out of it. But to be very frank I belong to a middle class family and working in public ltd company. I really have nobody whom I can seek help. But I really want to show our entire country a very big and good lesson which will come out if this when this movie gets completed. But for this I really need your help support. Please help me in this to complete this movie. I Join My Hands for this.

    Thanking You,
    Kunal Wilson Magar.

  2. ketan prasad Says:

    I wish to start a you tube chanell and need some help with the camera gear.I wish to rent a camera but i am a student so as of m=now i am on a tight budget.Contact if you can help.

  3. Tejash Shah Says:

    Hi Ketan,

    If you wish to shoot on a budget, you could use a professional handycam with a lapel mic and 2 lights. You will get acceptable quality for a youtube channel.

    You can drop by an see the options. even if you do not hire from us, we will glad to guide you.

    All the best.


  4. Tejash Shah Says:

    I know, I have replied really late.

    Film making is not just about equipment but will have many other costs of production.

    If you are still interested, do send your detailed shooting plan to and a synopsis and we’ll see if we can collaborate.


  5. Navin Says:


    This is Navin from bangalore, I have done a short film titled “CHALK” which has got 12 million views in youtube alone and have got many international and hollywood appreciation for the film.

    Now I am on the process of making my second short film, the scene requires a railway station sequence for which I am sure which is not possible without the central government permission. I have tried my level best to go through the PRO but it was not happening I came accross yout website and I wanted to check if there could be some help from your side.


  6. Tejash Shah Says:

    Hi Navin,
    The best way to go for it is to do a guerilla shoot. Otherwise you know how difficult it gets to get official permission

  7. Shivkumar Angadi Says:


    As i believe, accord equips is one of the best rental provider, i hearby request you to send me below rental prices for 10 Days, with discount. I am starting to run my photography school from next month and looking forward to do business with you.

    Sr.No Camera Model Make Qty Rental Final price
    1 5D Mark 3 Cannon 4
    2 600D Cannon 4
    3 Lens 24mm Cannon 2
    4 Lens (55mm-200mm) Cannon 2
    5 Tripods - 4

    Thanks and Regards,
    Shivkumar Angadi

  8. Tejash Shah Says:

    Thank you Shivkumar,

    Thank you for those kind words.

    We gather the office is already in touch with you.

    Thank you

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