Accord Equips is a one stop shop for shooting equipment rentals right from DSLRS to HD cameras to Audio equipment to Lights to rigs.

There are few rental houses in Mumbai who can boast of our range of equipment and support services. We understand our clients and their requirements. Some of the equipment available with us is really niche and odd but really useful sometimes. We source our equipment from various parts of the world with the single minded motto of servicing our film makers. We understand and invest in equipment that would making shooting easier and faster.

When International crews come to India, this becomes very useful. Firstly They do not have to travel from one rental house to another, testing shooting equipment They are able to find their requirements and shooting equipment all under 1 roof.

The new generation of documentary filmmakers and short filmmakers are not comfortable with the big teams that traditionally came with the equipment. They are happy to find all their production requirements at one place. This saves them the cost of a production person, conveyance costs and excess manpower on their shoots. We are not just into equipment rentals but also into understanding and then servicing the client with his needs. So often young film makers turn to us for advise for suggesting the appropriate production equipment for their shoots.

Our equipment booking team is well versed with the requirements of photographers and film maker and are able to offer them the right choices and alternatives of cameras, rigs, lights, sound equipment etc.

If your browse through our different equipment options listed above, you would realize that almost all the requirements for a small production are fulfilled.

Our Rig rentals range include cranes, jibs, Cine Slider, motorized slider, steadicams, shoulder supports, etc.

Our camera rentals include DSLRs, 4k cameras, 2k cameras, Ultra HD cameras, gopros, Flycams etc

Our Lens rentals include Canon Lenses, Nikon Lenses, Zeiss Lenses, Prime Lenses, Zoom Lenses, blokc lenses etc

Our Light Rentals include LED lights, Softee Lights, Softy Lights, Porta lights, Flash lights, Elinchrom Lights, Photography lights etc

Our Sound equipment include Lapel Mics, Boom Mics, Audio Mixers, Sound Recorders etc

Our filters range is one of the largest in Mumbai right from ND filters to odd filters like orange, gold blue etc

Our monitors include LCDs, HD monitors, camera mounted monitors etc

Besides equipment rentals we also provide crew. So producers have the convenience of sourcing equipment and crew from us. Our crew is well trained. We give production and technical crew.

DJI OSMO - Handheld 4K camera and 3 Axis Gimbal
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