Video Production Services

  • Need to produce a video interview for the website?
  • Need to produce a training video or web videos?
  • Need to record a video interview (sound bytes) of your CEO for the intranet?
  • Wish to produce videos for the some product demos
  • Wish to produce a short film or a festival film?
  • Want a photo shoot for your team?
  • Need a portfolio for your baby?


Gone are the days, when a video shoot was a dreadful exercise, when teams came with huge camera & light crews. By the time they left the venue was left in complete shambles. The newer technologies that we have allow us to execute simple shoots with excellent quality with small crews.

Accord Equips is a one stop shop for video production, photography shoots and camera equipment rentals. Given the changing trends, we now need videos for everything, right from educating your clients about your products to and training films for in-house manpower to the CEO’s message across the company or the world. With videos on the web being so common, almost every company today’s needs to shoot videos for various different requirements.

Sometimes, such basic but important projects become unviable for ad agencies to handle due to budget constraints. The advertising agencies find them too mundane and the companies find the agency budgets too expensive. Accord Equips becomes the perfect alternative for such projects.

Accord has an in-house team and a panel of technicians always available to execute such shoots. Our team includes veterans who have handled film, TV & corporate production for over 30 years for many prestigious local and international productions. Our line production services are popular with clients across the world. One can see the testimonials under clients in our website. Germany, US, UK are amongst the popular countries using our services. Often international clients need to shoot some video interviews and some B roll shots for their films. It is quite impractical in terms of costs and time to send a crew to India. We also conduct these video shoots, where the client sends us the script and framing. We execute the required shoot in India and transfer the footage online back to their country. One can see the various videos shot by us at

The combination of in-house filming infrastructure of shooting gear and creative team, makes its very cost effective to execute these videos / Stills for us in a cost effective and timely manner. The head of the company being a film maker understands that each film shoot is different and plans accordingly. Our strong camera crew and infrastructure gives us the confidence to take up video production projects within a day’s notice and deliver them to the client’s satisfaction.

We have various film production packages for different ventures right from short films, video production, film production etc. You could chose the appropriate package or our team will guide you choose the right option.

Our packages are completely transparent in terms of costs and equipment / crew being provided. You can see them in the task bar.

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