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VR 360 Videos & Stills

Go immersive, be a part of the event while seated anywhere across the globe…

VR 360 video are also called as immersive videos. These Virtual Reality (VR) videos make the audience feel as if they are at the venue. Thanks to Youtube 360 and Facbook 360, VR videos have grown in mass viewership

We have a crew and the necessary equipment to deliver 360 videos and stills at all type of budgets. We can do live streaming of VR videos. Low cost VR videos can be shot using a camera like the GOPRO Fusion or the Ricoh Theta S whereas highend professional VR videos can be produced using the seriously professional 8k INSTA360 PRO camera. This camera can also live stream 360 videos. We offer online and offline VR 360 video services

360 videos and stills are a very effective way of presenting and showcasing products, cars, scenic locations, real estate projects and more. We also have the option of shooting live streaming the event being shot. With so many Indians having relatives internationally, shooting a wedding in 360 VR live would be a great way for all the family members in the different parts of the world to feel as though they were on the venue of the wedding.

360 VR videos for events, weddings and more

Imagine seeing the Filmfare awards and any other celebrity studded celebration in a 360 video live. Imagine seeing a cricket match live in the stadium’, without moving an inch from your office chair. The audience would be able to see the galaxy of stars all around.. So the online audience can be transported to the venue live thanks to our 360 services.

360 VR videos for real estate

A 360 VR video of a building or a 360VR video of an apartment is just the perfect way to give a visit of the location to a potential costumer, without him/her moving an inch. The video would give a 360 view of the apartment. This would save time and money of the real estate company and the potential property buyer.

360 Degrees VR for Education

With 360 Degrees VR, there are endless possibilities, for educational use. You can have a cricket coach standing and trying to educate you on field placements or you can have the great medical surgeons, explaining the different theories in a practical manner which can help you understand better and also get a grasp on it.

We provide 360 Degrees live streaming and offline videos services with the help of our experienced 360 degree video director and cameraman, who make use of the latest technology and ensure your requirements are met with diligence.

360 Videos will emerge as an integral part of people lives. As the worlds looks to get more and more experiences sitting on their chairs, VR videos will give them a glimpse of the world from wherever they are.

Globally, there is lot of excitement around the 360 video format. There are many camera options like the Nokia Ozo, Samsung Gear 360, Yi technology 360 VR, Kodak PixPro SP360 4K, Garmin VIRB 360, 360fly 4K, LG 360 Cam (LGR105?, Ricoh Theta V, Nikon Keymission 360, Pixpro SP360, Acer Holo 360.

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