Insta 360x3 VR package

Insta 360x3 VR package

Insta360 x3 comes with Image Stabilzation, Live Streaming, underwater capability and more

Insta 360 X3 VR camera

starts at ₹3500/Day

Insta360 X3 with image stabilization, Live streaming and underwater capability

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GoPro Max Package

360 Video Production ● VR/MR Events ● Immersive Interviews ● VR/360 Tutorials ● 360VR Shoots

According to the global research, the interest in 360VR/AR has increased by ‘300%’ over the past year or so and additionally, the research indicates that this kind of content increases, engagement, interactions, view, shares, subscriptions, time of page and even Empathy. Search Engines can interpret these signals of quality content are critical for rankings.

For a good virtual reality, quality content is utmost important. When executed efficiently, 360 VR videos and images provide users with a sense of ‘presence’ or the feeling they are at a place ‘somewhere else’.

So with this idea in mind, ‘Tele Presence’ is an incredible idea that is paving way like how ‘holograms’ made space in the minds of the space faring masses.

In India, this concept is still at a stage of infancy. Yet, this doesn’t stop Accord Equips and our team to provide incredible solutions in 360VR.

GoPro Max has been the newest entrant in the every growing market of action and VR Cameras. Displaying improved app setting, built in display, Max Super View and Time wrap, it’s slowly becoming the go-to 360 action camera for many filmmakers.

Yet, the question arises: “why would you go for this camera?”

Well the answer lies in its stupendous features that shall enable the filmmaker inside you to create your virtual reality film any time too.

Its massive advantage is the two in one camera on both the side with display attached that enables GoPro operators to record and check their own footage easily.

With GoPro Max, you can live stream directly through the camera without any webcasting device. It also has in app ‘stitching’ facility that provides instant 360 degree ready footage. There will be no need for a web engineer or online editor to take care; only you will have the power to cast live shadows on your viewers with your content. It can be surfing with tidal waves, climbing mountains, trekking, cycling on mountain range, underwater scuba diving, parasailing and many more.

In the GoPro Max360 Package, you have the power of shooting High quality VR video with live streaming and video stabilisation. The equipment includes 1 GoPro360 Max camera, 1 laptop and the supporting accessories. The crew includes one attendant from our experienced repertoire to assist the whole setup.

We understand that 360VR filmmaking has currently a very niche market. Marketers and consumers alike are still working out its application in every facet of filmmaking. Also, the lack of trained manpower becomes a challenge. Hence we have assembled and trained a professional crew who is well verse with the working of the equipment. They shall largely support and operate during the production and we can assure you that the team will provide their all to make this a complete success.

Call us now and you won’t be disappointed.

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