Insta 360 Pro 2 VR packages

Insta 360 Pro 2 VR packages

Upgraded Insta 360 Pro 2. Higher quality video and stills. Can live stream. Great for land surveys, Presenting events, factories, weddings. It can live stream too

Insta 360 Pro 2 VR Camera (8K)

starts at ₹20,000/Day

Insta 360 Pro2 8k camera with a technician. Cameraman provided for an additional cost

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3 min VR film using Insta 360 Pro 2

starts at ₹90000/Day

Shooting, editing upto final film of 3 minutes by us

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Event coverage and Live Telecast of VR Video using Pro2

starts at ₹95000/Day

Shooting, live streaming of event by Accord Equips

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GoPro Fusion Package

360 Video Production ● VR/MR Events ● Immersive Interviews ● VR/360 Tutorials ● 360VR Shoots

For a good virtual reality, quality content is utmost important. When executed efficiently, 360 VR videos and images provide users with a sense of ‘presence’ or the feeling they are at a place ‘somewhere else’.

So with this idea in mind, ‘Telepresence’ is an incredible idea that is paving way like how ‘holograms’ made space in the minds of the space faring masses.

In India, this concept is still at a stage of infancy. Yet, this doesn’t stop Accord Equips and our team to provide incredible solutions in 360VR.

The Gopro Fusion is one of the best commercially available 2 lens cameras for VR photography and videography. It has two cameras back to back and fish eye lenses greater than 180 degrees, which covers together in the range of 360 degree around the camera body, with just enough overlap between the two images/shots such that they can be ‘stitched’ together.

It has a simple design and low part count, which makes this camera less expensive and easy to use. Their smaller size enables the operator to film closer objects and has capability to operate with multiple cameras when placed for wider coverage at an event or busy location. It has water proof capability up to 10 feet which allows to the cameraman to take underwater shots.

The question arises: “Why choose this camera package?”

Well for that, you as a client should be very clear on what kind of content you want to shoot.

This camera is very suitable for adventurers, travel bloggers who constantly demand experimental shots for their content benefits. The challenge that they face every time is how they can widen their own horizons of shots. Here, Accord Equips Pvt. Ltd. assures you that we provide you with experienced specialist and assistance that shall be part of your production at every step and give their all to make your project a complete success.

Go Pro Fusion which is a great asset for filmmakers for creating stunning 360 visuals and video recording. The video stabilization technique is at par and comfortable to hold when running around or when rigged on the vehicle.

In the client centric package, the camera shoots at 5.2K and photography stills at 18mpix. Supporting equipment would include clamps, suction mount, batteries, monopod and more depending upon requirement. Crew includes one Specialist cameraman/DOP and one attendant for assisting the setup.

We understand that 360VR filmmaking has currently a very niche market. Marketers and consumers alike are still working out its application in every facet of filmmaking. Also, the lack of trained manpower becomes a challenge. Hence we have assembled and trained a professional crew who is well verse with the working of the equipment. They shall largely support and operate during the production and we can assure you that the team will provide their all to make this a complete success.

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