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Hello Tejash What a nice collaboration ! We appreciate you assistance and your avaibility at anytime ! Thanks so much for responding fast to our last minute demands ! It was really nice working with you all. Equipment was as good as expected
Stephanie Litran, France
Accord Equips has supported many of our projects. They don’t compete on price, they compete on quality. They understand the meaning of deadlines. We can count on them when it comes to delivering..."
Mr Ritesh Soni, Yashraj films
Accord Equips has been an ardent supporter for all our shoots, adjusting to all our requirements and providing much needed help and timely assistance. Their excellent support in terms of equipment and team has made the entire shoot look so simple. Their forever helpful nature makes it a pleasure to work with them. I wish you all the best!!"
Ms Sherry Verghese, Bharti Axa Life
Accord Equips is not just a 1 stop shop or providers of state of the art equipment for my shoot requirements, they give me a rocksteady trust and reliability when I am out there saying action. As filmmakers, we always fight against things which we can't control, Accord Equips is the faith I go out with ..."
Mr Rohit Dubey, Grey Worldwide
We have associated with Accord Equips from the time we started operations in Mumbai. It is a great relationship we have shared"
Mr Santosh Arekar, NDTV
With Accord Equips, we have to just present our requirement. The entire planning could be left to them. They have great equipment and a great crew. We are happy to work with them"
Mr Nishikant, ILFS
We have worked with Accord Equips for films like KRISH, KRAZY 4, KITES etc since many years. They have been a great support system to us"
Mr Shashank Zare, CEO, Filmkraft
Accord Equips have innovated continuously to provide better equipment and service. They think from the client’s point of view and always find answers to our requirements. Our relationship with them is more like one of friendship"
Mr Anil Sable, Red Chillies
Hi Tejash, thanks again for everything. It was great teamwork with Anil, RK and your guys. So hope to see you soon, have a nice day (in Cologne it´s snowing)"
Ms Kadriye Acar, Wellenreiter Tv, Germany
I always recommend Accord Equips when it comes to equipment. They are thorough professionals available 24/7...”
Mr Jason, UTV-Disney
In an industry where technology changes everyday, Accord Equips is consistently aware of the emerging trends. I can say that they are innovators. In our association of over a decade, not once have find them lacking"
Mr Lancy, SET
Accord Equips understands the demanding conditions we work in. One call and its over to them"
Ms Kamal Mistry, MTV
All the equipment was returned! Thanks to all of you for your help, and Tejash it was truly a pleasure to meet you ... Thank you so much.
Nick Lundgren,, USA
Accord Equips has a deep understanding of the medium. They keep learning and sharing their knowledge all the time. They don’t undercut but they do over deliver"
Mr Subir Mukherji, White Light
Accord Equips have consistently kept ahead of the competition. They keep themselves abreast and share new ideas with us. Over these years we have had an enlightening relationship. You can always count on them"
Mr Anand Shahi, CNBC TV 18
Accord Equips gave us great equipment and support. It was all very well organised. We would definitely return to ACCORD EQUIPS for our future shoots"
Mr Kat Mansoor, UK
As we came to shoot our report in Mumbai, we've been very pleased to find Accord Equips. They had exaclty the material we asked for, in perfect working order. Along the way, we had a problem with the camera. Accord Equips immediatly came to pick up and exchange the material. They are always reachable by phone at any time.We have been fully satisfied with Accord Equips"
Ms Maud Watine, Germany
I would very much like to express my satisfaction with your company! An extremely helpful staff! You couldn't get this great of service anywhere in America! I recommend Accord Equips highly! I really do want to thank you. Driving that deck out to Pune for me was really above and beyond your responsibility and really helped me out a lot with the project. You guys really know your stuff. You will be at the top of the list for any rentals we need in the future."
Mr Brian Mcsweeny, US
Accord Equips continuously comes up with new equipment & ideas. We can safely leave the thinking of our solutions to them"
Mr Vishal Bhardwaj, Film maker & Music Director
Thank you very much for your assistance on our project"
Ms Joanna Marshal, UK
We'd like to thank you and your employees for all the assistance provided for our shoot, it was greatly appreciated
Mr Dan Jackson, Australia
“I wanted to extend my thanks to you and your team for the work you produced for the GSK event on Friday. And my special thanks to the talented Panirr Selvaam and your assistant editor who staying right unto the bitter end to help us export the video files to our London team. I do hope we have the opportunity to work with you all in the not too distant future. Many thanks once again for your unwavering support throughout our project last week. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you”
Ms Jo Han Diss, UK
My Camera was damaged a week into my India trip and I needed a replacement urgently. Within 2 hours I was back on location shooting thanks to Monica and the Mumbai team. Thank you
Blake Woodhams, South Africa
ilm requirements can be tricky. Accord Equips is well experienced to realise that. While we are run against deadlines, having them as an associate is an asset"
Mr Ishwar, Tips Films
Hope you're doing fine. Shooting was great, we are very happy with our footage. At the moment we are doing editing, will need few months to finish the serial, and hopefully it will be aired in the winter season. After that we plan to make a serial on South India. Hopefully we could work together again. Thank you very much. Best regards to you and your family"
Ms Maya Ska, Siberia
Finally managed to get a bit of rest after wrapping a very successful shoot :) Was extremely reassured by the presence of the attendants from Accord, they were most cooperative and professional. A big thanks to Bhupen as well!
Sidharth Srinivasan, Delhi
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