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Live Streaming services from Accord Equips is a natural progression to our equipment rental and video production services. We give both single camera and multi camera live coverage web streaming solutions.

  • Web streaming also called as live streaming is taking huge leaps in India like :
  • CEOs wanting to reach out to their clients, subordinates and colleagues live,
  • Companies wanting to exhibit live conferences,
  • Doctors wanting to exhibit their surgeries live
  • Brands wanting to launch their products online to the entire world.
  • Marriages are an important event in India and many families have theirt connections internationally; so families love to go live with their nuptials these days.

A lot of big companies now have their own inhouse channel, catering to only their employees and associates. Since they have global operations, it is important that they have a sort of video news letter that keeps every associate across the globe in tune with the developments of the company. Web streaming videos, speeches, video tutorials, live Q&A, discussions, meetings all happen here. Live streaming plays a very important role in helping to feed the channel and give the company’s associates the feeling of attending the event while it happened. Companies use internet to reach out to the world and intranet to reach out within their organization.

Upto a few years back, the only option for live coverage was going on TV but today there are more mobile screens in India then TV screens.

While Ustream and Live stream opened doors for webcasting to corporates and niche audiences, youtube live and facebook live has opened the doors for launching events to the public live. Web casting is emerging as a chosen format for many companies to their target audience. With internet speeds getting better and data getting cheaper, it is sensible for companies to go for live broadcasting on internet. Today every person who carries a mobile has a screen in his hand across the globe can be their audience.

The advantage of watching of small mobile screens is the quality of the footage doesn’t have to be at par with the TV footage so once can webcast at 720p and yet get great quality.

People sometimes choose to web stream using their mobile phones which can stream without additional gear. This easy solution would not work when someone wishes to go live with a professional multi camera setup or when someone needs great audio quality or when someone needs to use a good camera. The mobile phone camera has a wide angle lens that tends to distort the image so it is difficult to use it for highend professional web streaming.

Accord Equips has all the equipment and crew to do single camera web casting and multi camera with switching webcasting. So be it conferences, weddings, company meetings, product launches, CEO speeches, product demos, live video tutorials, high profile events like Filmfare awards or music shows we can go live.

We give video production services shooting conferences, interviews, weddings, product launches etc. The client often appreciates a one stop solution to shoot and webcast the coverage on their website or some online platform. The best and most effective way is web streaming. Our team can now shoot and telecast online live.

The cost of going live on internet is a fraction of the cost of going live on television. There are telecasting fees and the cost of shooting is far lower than for television.

India has the 2nd largest number of mobile screens in the world, so web web streaming will only grow. Mobile companies are dropping data charges. It is a matter of time, when web streaming will become the chosen way to view television too.

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