GoPro Bite Mount

  • GoPro Bite Mount

GoPro Bite Mount

Comes with:

Capture hands-free footage with this versatile bite mount, perfect for POV shots in any environment.

Easy to use for hands-free POV capture in any environment.

Includes Floaty, an easy-to-spot accessory that keeps HERO8 Black afloat1.

Wraparound design of Floaty allows convenient access to the touch screen.

GoPro Bite Mount is Compatible with GoPro 9 Black , GoPro 10 Black , GoPro 11 Black .

The GoPro Bite Mount is an accessory designed to securely hold a GoPro camera in your mouth, allowing you to capture hands-free footage from a unique perspective. It typically consists of a mouthpiece with an integrated mount to attach the GoPro camera. This mount is particularly popular among action sports enthusiasts who want to capture immersive shots while engaging in activities like surfing, snowboarding, or biking. By using the Bite Mount, users can record point-of-view footage without the need for holding the camera or using their hands.


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