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Range of Movie & Photography Accessories

Filters | Recorders | Teleprompters | Converters | Vision Mixers | Monitors | Adapters….

Accessories play as important a role as cameras and lenses for a great shoot. We have a large range of video and still production accessories on hire. Our photography accessories include green screens, chroma cloths, battery grips, camera triggers, still tripods, tents, photo backdrop etc. Our film production accessories for DSLRs and video cameras include reflectors, turntables, power banks, portable power systems, recording cards, regular and V mount batteries.

The croma cloth are green screen & blue screen. We also have the white backdrop, grey backdrop and black cloth. We provide the heavy boom stand for lights and the light boom stand for reflectors and hanging the booms.

Video and photography production accessories are useful additions in a shoot for enhancing a shot. Sometimes when one wants to shot for long without changing the battery pack, one can use the battery grip. Similarly if one wishes to do a time lapse one can use the external time lapse trigger. Sometimes when we need to shoot at 90 degrees for product shots, we can use the product shot rig. A video turntable and shooting tent are very useful for shooting interesting product shots.

Teleprompter is very useful for shooting interviews. Companies and ad agencies rent a teleprompter often when the CEO or some CXO is going to talk in front of the camera.

Fog machine is useful for creating fog and clouds in a shoot. Lot of film makers and photographers locally and internationally have equipment but run short of camera batteries and recording cards sometimes. We provide enough extra batteries for them so that they don’t get stranded in the middle of a shoot. We have regular canon batteries, Sony Batteries, V mount batteries, Dabba Batteries and more

Monitors are required for shoots. Some filmmakers have a camera but need a monitor. We have 5”, 7”, 9”,14”, 17”, 18”monitors from companies like SmallHD, Panasonic, Sony, Lilliput, Blackmagic, Marshal etc. We have various converters right from SDI to HDMI, HDMI to SDI.

We have vision mixers like the Panasonic HMX 100, Blackmagic Atem 4k Switcher. This is useful for shooting events, conferences etc.

We have a large range of filters from reputed companies like Schneider, Tiffen, LEE etc. Our filters are Neutral Density or ND filters, IRND filter, ND grad, ND clear, Black Promist, Soft FX filter, Polariser filter, orange graduated etc. We have round and square filters 4”x4” filters. We have matte boxes with filter trays to mount these filters.

We have recorders like Atomos Ninja, Samurai, Shogun etc. Black monitor recorder, Aja ki pro etc.

We have wireless adapters like the Teradek etc. Wireless monitors are now very important for most shootings as people do handle held shooting on gimbals. The Cmotion Wireless follow focus is also getting very popular. Wireless equipments are now becoming a essential as more and more cameraman and directors prefer to shoot handheld with a gimbal or some other camera stabiliser.

We have a 3 way pan tilt Photography tripod which helps in taking great shots for photography.

We even have an arrangement of accessories for smart phones like tele lenses, macro lenses and wide lenses, mobile gimbal, etc.

Gopro and other action cameras are useful as they are small and have a large number of accessories like gimbals, underwater case, mics, chest mount rig, head mount rig, helmet rig. These camera rigs help in fixing the cameras at odd angles which is something that would never be possible with a regular DSLR of a movie camera.

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