Director Monitor Cage

  • Proaim Flyfilms Film Movie Director Monitor Cage

Director Monitor Cage

Comes with:
WIRELESS CAGE for directors and clients to check every shot
HIGH STRENGTH YET LIGHTWEIGHT cage keeps the monitor protected
4” TO 7” ADJUSTABLE CAGE design covers wide range of monitors
CAN MOUNT V-MOUNT/A-MOUNT BATTERY & accessories like sun hood, wireless receiver, etc.
COMES WITH NECK STRAP & can be mounted on any C-stand
Cage Fits to LCD monitors from 5 inch to 7 inch
Odyssey 7, 7Q Atomos Samurai, Ninja, Shogun, And many more 
Weight : 860g (1.8 lbs) 
Dimensions : 12 inch x 2 inch x 6 inch 


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