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Accord Equips has been a premier film production equipment rental company since 1997. We go beyond cameras and lenses. We also rent audio equipment, lights, rigs, and accessories for photography and film production. Our company offers on hire a wide range of quality DSLRs, Video Cameras, Film Camera, Lenses, Rigs, Cranes, Jibs, Grips, Audio Gear, Lights, photography accessories on rent and more.

We realized at the start of this millennium that digital film making and digital photography will be the future. Photographers today wish to borrow lenses than having their own. Over the last two decades, the company has grown to emerge as one of the largest camera and lens rental company in Mumbai & Pune. We understand that it is not just about hiring equipment. Its about hiring good equipment.

More than a shooting gear rental company, we believe that we are service providers and so we offer filming and photography solutions to our clients. We offer video production equipment as per the demands of the project. It has always been Accord Equips philosophy to think from a film maker or photographer’s perspective and create the rental services accordingly. We try to provide right from camera equipment to accessories like timer controls, reflectors etc.

Our clients include many Indian and global still photographers, line producers, documentary producers, wedding film makers, short filmmakers, web film producers, training films, ad film production houses, digital film producers, and feature films and many more. Amongst Still photographers we support right from amateur photographers to glamour photographers, food photographers, portfolio photographers, wedding photographers, architectural photographers, wildlife photographers and more. We have a full setup and crew for online multicam setup shoots,right from cameras to video switcher to online editor to complete crew.

As regards our team, we have a team of committed and well trained attendants. We go beyond camera attendants by also providing technical crew. We also provide Sound Recordist, Line producers, Fixers, and cameraman. Lot of local and international clients expect us to provide camera equipment and crew. For them it is a single window solution for every shooting requirement right from cinematographer to sound engineer to production fixer is organized by us.>

Over time, we have seen the emergence of digital agencies, corporate communication teams and one man production houses. For them, the convenience of being a one stop shop in terms of shooting gear, audio engineers and a Director of Photography becomes a boon. They know that one call and their problem of coordination is on our head.

We take pride and pleasure to observe that a lot of individual film makers and emerging photographers who have been supported by us have emerged as successful Producers and Popular photographers who now run their own companies with many other assistants working for them.

From audio gear to lights, from mics to sound mixers we have everything. Our audio gear includes Lapel mics also known as collar mikes, Boom mics, aso known as gun mics, sound mixers & Audio recorders. Our lights include LED lights, Chimera lights (softy) lights, Elinchrom Lights, flash. Some of the brands we hire out include Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kessler, Manfrotto, Sennheiser, Sound Devices, Rycote, Black Magic, kinolfows and more. With equipment getting smaller, rigs & grips are getting very important for shoots. Right from Cine Sliders, shoulder mounts, steadicams, cranes, pocket jibs, X grips, fig rigs from various reputed companies like Kessler, Manfrotto, Varavon, Tilta, and much more.

We feel happy that many film making clients choose to call Accord Equips first when they are looking for some new technologies and solutions. They realize that we are often on the forefront of new ideas and film production rental solutions. The question we often ask ourselves is WHAT NEXT!?>

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