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Range of Still, Video & Motion Picture Lenses

Canon | Nikon | Sony | Zeiss | Panasonic | Samyang | Sigma | Tokina | Tamron ….

Accord Equips has the largest range of Cameras lenses on hire in India. Between our offices in Mumbai and pune, we have a mix of Canon lenses, Nikon Lenses, Sony lenses, Zeiss, Samyang, Tamron, Sigma and Panasonic lenses.


We have EF mount lenses on rentals, EFS lenses, E mount full frame lenses on hire, MFT mount lenses and Nikkor mount Lenses. We keep the needs of our clients in mind and have also have lenses like the Macro lenses which are useful for food photography, close up shots, product photography. Our tilt shift lenses are excellent for architectural photography, miniature photography and product shots. The fish eye lenses are sought for capturing wide expanses and 360 photography. Our lens kits are complete with lens hood, lens carrying case, Many photographers and filmmakers who have inhouse equipment also reach out to us when their own camera lenses are in repairs or when they need additional lenses on rent. 

We have options of autofocus lenses for photographers and manual lenses for filmmakers. The Zeiss CP2 and Zeiss CP3 lenses are excellent choices for the indie filmmakers, ad film makers, Netflix film makers and other movie producers who do not want to use Movie cameras. 

The Sony Gmaster lenses, also known as the Sony GM lenses are later entrants but have a strong following. They are used with Sony A7s, Sony A7r and other Sony E mount cameras. 

Amongst the Tamron lenses we have are primarily tele lenses like the Tamron 150 600 primarily used by wildlife photographers. The Sigma Art series lenses have been an excellent addition. Lens Reviews often compare these lenses with the Ziess Otus. 

The Canon L series lenses are quite respected by professional photographers and filmmakers. These lenses are well crafted and sturdy. The prime lenses and the Zoom lenses are the gold standards of the film, tv and photography industry. 

Portrait photographers often choose the block lenses like the 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm as their preferred portrait lenses as they have lower fstops and give a great shallow depth of field. 

Most landscape photographers prefer wide lenses like the 14mm and 24mm whereas wedding photographers prefer the 50mm normal lens. Candid photographers love the 70-200 tele lenses so that they can click pictures without being noticed. 

Our lenses are well maintained as we have dedicated team looking after lens and other equipment maintenance. Our clients understand our investment towards the upkeep of lenses and continuous choose us over the other rental houses. They realize we serve them round the clock and have a large choice of lenses. They understand that we always have a back up so that they shoot never get spoilt. When they look for the best lenses in India they turn to Accord Equips the best lens rental house in the country. 

With handheld camerawork getting more popular many cameramen prefer lighter lenses so that they can use gimbals. The CP3 lenses are lighter and hence make a great choice for Gimbals. 

Samyang Cine lenses and Rokinon lenses too have made a mark with cinematographers. The cine prime lenses are rented regularly because they have low t stops. 

We have the Zeiss Exo lenses for mobiles. They pair up with the Apple iPhone and are used by mobile filmmakers. Guerilla filmmakers and cinematographers love the invisible mobiles as cameras. . 

Panasonic lenses make the perfect pair with the GH4 and Gh5 camera. If you looking for lens rentals in Mumbai or Pune or anywhere in India, you should talk to us.

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