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Range of Movie & Photography Lights

Cine Lights | Photography Lights | Flashes | LEDs | Softee Lights | Backdrops | Lighting Accessories….

Our range of lights includes film production and photography lights. They include softy (softee) lights, dedo lights, Kinoflows, Porta lights, Led lights, flash lights, Elinchrom Lights, Godox lights, ring lights, flexible lights and more.

We have been catering to many documentary producers, indie filmmakers, ad film makers etc. These filmmakers typically need small crews and prefer all equipment coming from one place. We have Cameras, light, sound, rigs, lenses all under one roof. 

The LED lights have emerged as most popular these days because they are bi colour and portable. They are easy to carry and come in various sizes like camera mounted LEDs to Led with light stands to flexible LEDs that can be rolled on setup in vehicle roof etc. The advantage of LED lights is they are bi colour. They can be set to warm tungsten light and the white day light. They can be electrically powered or used with batteries making them portable. They can be connected to any power source and do not need a light trolley unlike film lights. 

The softee lights have been always the chosen light for interviews etc. we have 1k, 2k and portable 150W softee lights. These are tungsten lights and give a warm tone.  

The kinoflows come in various sizes like 4feet 4 bank, 2feet 4bank, 4feet 8bank and so on. The LEDs, the softees and the Kinoflows are popular because they can be setup in offices within the existing plugpoints. 

Typical film making lights like HMI lights, baby lights, Multi, solar, Red Heads etc need a lighting trolley etc. These are used normally for feature film production and need a bigger lighting crew. Documentary Producers do not have the luxury of a large crew. They work with a small camera crew and avoid such lights. 

Our photography lights include the Elinchrom 200, FRX 400, 600 and portable Elinchroms. They are useful because they come as a complete kit including umbrellas etc. They are easy compact lights hence are easy to carry. 

Flash lights are useful for photographers on the go like wedding photographers, travel photographers etc. We have range of flash lights right from Canon speedlite, to nikkor to Yongnou to Godox and more. 

Lighting plays an important role in creating a professional film. What differentiates an amateur film from a professional film or picture is the lighting. The right light source, the right placement and the right lighting ambience make the mood for a film or photography. Fortunately the newer cameras and lenses handle low light far better than movie cameras. This has helped decrease the light requirements. This does not mean one can do without lights, However it helps decrease the cost of light rentals. 

Going digital does not mean one has to compromise on lighting. Digital gear consumes about 40% lesser lighting which leads to faster lighting on location and quicker shoots. 

Our lights are well maintained. We have the best lighting rentals in Mumbai & Pune. When indie filmmakers, documentary producers, digital filmmakers, ad film producers, digital Cameraman, photographers, DPs DoPs look for lights, they turn to Accord Equips. 

We go beyond lights by offering supporting gear like Snoot, Octodome, Beauty dish, Reflectors, Light stands, Cstands, cutter stands, C stands, filters, gels, butter paper etc. 

We have a testing area where photographers, filmmakers, cameraman test our lights and equipment for their use.

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