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Range of Rigs And Grips

Cine Sliders | Gimbals | Jibs | Cranes | monopods | tripods | Dolly | Arms | Clamps ….

We have a large range of rigs for our video and still cameras. As film making get more edgy; handheld camera stabilizing rigs and grips are emerging as an important film making tool. Realistic cinema demands more Guerilla film making. This makes the use of Rigs a very integral part of motion picture production. 

We have the largest range of rigs for DSLRs and video cameras. We have the best rigs and grips in the industry. They are well maintained and come with trained manpower.

A good filmmaker will plan the use of the rigs smartly beforehand so that he gets the best out of the shot. As cameras have gone smaller, lot of rigs have emerged in recent times. A cine slider, pocket jib etc have become successful in the last few years. 

The advantage of using rigs is that it gives a smooth yet dynamic and professional look to a video or image. It helps in faster shooting and helps saving production time. Sometimes a rig plays a important role in giving a smooth shot when there is no time or space to setup a tripod. 

We have a large range of professional grips right from Steadicams, to jibs to monopods to gimbals and more. 

We rent out Cine Sliders of the following lengths 1.5 feet, 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet Sliders and a curved slider. We have portable slider that can be carried in a bagpack to heavy 8 feet Sliders for heavy Movie cameras like the ARRI and RED. We have motorized Sliders, curved Sliders, Time lapse gearr too. We provide many reputed global brands like Manfrotto, Varavon, Kessler, Cinevate etc.

Our gimbals range from the mobile gimbals to gimbals for cameras like the Sony FS7. We have the Zhiyun crane, the DJI Osmo, DJI Osmo plus, DJI Ronin, Dji Ronin M, Moza and more. 

We have tripods and monopods for photography and video. Sometimes a DP wants a low angle shot and needs a patla setup or apple boxes or a sand bag. We have cranes and jibs for small to large cameras. Our jibs are mainly backpack jibs ideal for travel and small crews. The cranes and jibs are supported with saddle bags to stability. We have the Kessler pocket jib, the Glidecam Camcrane and more. Video Monopods are very important for shooting wedding videos, offices, travel shoots and places that are cramped. Monopods are easy to carry and setup. 

Tripods are useful for studio shoots and other productions that need very stable camera movement. We have light manfrotto tripods to heavy tripods like Sachtler, Studio Assist etc. Sometimes tripods play a very important role while shooting. 

The style of film making is changing. Today young filmmakers have emerged who believe in shooting quick. They prefer gimbals and rigs in their shoots. 

All these shooting rigs are very important to give the video a nice movement without needing too much shooting time and production planning. 

Shooting in cars needed a big rig. Today if one wishes to use a DSLR, once can use the small car rig for cameras. Similarly a camera cage is also very useful for a small crew as it can be useful to mount other accessories.  

It is important that the right crew handles the rigs. Operating grips is a specialized act and we have the right team and attendants who understand rig setup and use. 

Some times simple basic grips like the gorilla pod, magic arm, super clamp become great utilities on a shoot. 

Grips are also about innovation. Our 90 degree product shot rig is made inhouse and works for products shots.

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