Terms of Use & Rental

TERMS OF USE & Terms for Rental

Accord Equips is the property of Accord Equips Pvt Ltd. and its affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as AE). AE provides various services subject to the terms and conditions as under. By accessing the site www.accordequips.com, either directly or otherwise, you accept to abide by the following terms and conditions. The ownership, management and control of this site vests in entirety with Accord Equips Pvt. Ltd. and the use of this site is subject to the terms, conditions, rules, regulations of energyjobsindia.com

Terms for Rental

  1. The goods/equipment have been received by you in perfect condition in all respects. In case of any breakdown / damage / theft / loss of the goods/equipment, you the shall be responsible to replace / repair the goods/equipment at your cost within 72 hours. You shall continue to be pay us rent for the equipment till the equipment is not returned to us.
  2. Payment terms: Within 24 hours of using our service
  3. We shall have complete rights to take back the goods / equipment from you without notice
  4. Goods/Equipment lying in your premises, shooting location or any other place shall be at your risk & responsibility. For goods / equipment being taken outstation the goods/equipment shall be your responsibility the moment the goods/equipment leaves our premises.
  5. Cancellation of booking shall be charged at 1 (one) shift
  6. Conveyance, Attendant, service tax  will be charged extra
  7. Our decision shall be final in all matters
  8. We shall not be liable for any claim for any damages to any of your material being used in conjunction with our equipment.
  9. We shall not be liable for Loss of footage from the recording media or any other reason whatsoever
  10. Delayed payment will be charged at 5%/month from the date of billing.
  11. Pictures shown on the site are for representative  purpose only & may differ
  12. In case of dispute, Mumbai courts alone shall have jurisdiction   

Terms of Use

  1. You accept that AE shall be corresponding with you either through electronic and/or other modes for which you have already consented by accessing this site. Communication from AE could be by means of SMS, e-mails, mailers or by posting any notices on this site. You agree that the communications sent to you by AE shall not be construed as spam or bulk under any law prevailing in any country where such communication is received.
  2. As a user you may be permitted to access the information available on this site, you are restricted from distributing this information for free or otherwise to any other person or entity. You are not allowed to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, sell or transfer any information contained in this site.
  3. This site and the information contained herein is for the use of people above the age of 15 yrs. If you are below the age as mentioned hereinbefore, then you shall cause to access this site only with help and assistance of any parent or legal guardian.
  4. AE reserves the right to cancel subscriptions, terminate accounts without giving any notice, at its sole discretion. You shall be governed by the terms and conditions of this site
  5. AE does not expressly recommend any particular software, operating system, application to use and access this site. If for any particular reason, the site does not open or is unable to be displayed in full in the visitor's computer, then energyjobsindia.AE shall not be held liable for any act, omission or commission that may occur because of the same. It shall be your responsibility and liability to keep your computer in consonance with the latest standards so as to access this site; though latest standards cannot be defined or categorized. energyjobsindia.com does not recommend or lay down any set of standards for the purpose of viewing this site.
  6. All the Content displayed on this site is the sole propriety and is in the exclusive right, title and ownership of AE. The copyright existing in the content on the site as well as the site itself is and shall always remain in the sole custody, possession, control and ownership of energyjobsindia.com. Copyright for this purpose includes registered as well as non-registered copyright. Trade mark and domain name with of this site also vests with AE All the marks, logos, designs used in this site are and shall always remain with AE. Trade marks that have been put for registration and non registered trade marks shall also be the sole propriety of energyjobsindia.com. Any intellectual property rights arising as a result of makeover of any content provided by any visitor, then intellectual property arising because of such makeover shall also vest with energyjobsindia.com. The visitor to this site grants a royalty free, exclusive and transferable right to AE, with respect of the content posted by him/her.
  7. All third party logos of companies, products etc  are the property of the right /Trade mark holders & AE has no claim over them whatsoever
  8. Articles and views published on the site from time to time are the opinions of the authors. AE  may or may not subscribe to those views and are not liable for the same
  9. It is understood that by accessing the site you have gone through the “DISCLAIMER” and the privacy policy and you understand and agree to whatever is stated therein.

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