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  • The Video Interview and Short film packages is useful for companies and film makers who need a camera crew.
  • The Corporate film package is useful for companies who wish to make a video showcasing their company.
  • The Video tutorial package is interesting for clients looking for show product demos or teach something visually.
  • Costumised packages are great for local and international film makers who know their requirements but need crew and equipment support.

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Video Production Services

Join our community! Stay on top of all the latest technology, industry events from around the web.

Film making requirements have changed today. Movies are made not only for theatres but also for the internet, film festivals, education, training films and much more. There is a huge growth of documentary films, web films, interviews for the intraweb. Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, Alt Balaji, &flix and so many platforms have emerged. Also google and other search engines give higher ranking to websites with videos.

With the emerging trends also emerged a number of new age film makers. These film makers do not conform to the traditional filmmaking mindset. They have great ideas but lack a team. To service these filmmakers, we provide complete production support right from pre production to production to post production. We have ready packages which give the filmmakers the comfort of transparent costing. These movie production packages sort of become the guiding points for their production budgeting and production planning. Once we know more about the project, we tweak the packages if required in consultation with the film makers.

Our packages are complete in terms of what they offer and how much they cost. Given that there are no hidden costs or budget shocks, they are loved by corporate communication teams, PR companies, event management companies, indie filmmakers and individuals who wish to shoot youtube videos etc.

We have in house equipment and crew. This is a strength few production companies can offer.

We help the film maker with Casting, Locations, Art Direction, Technical Crew of Cameraman, Asst Cameraman, Operative Cameraman, Art Director, Choreographer, Action Director, Executive Producers, Production Managers, Fixers, Production Assistants, Assistant Directors, Publicity Designers, Costume Designers, Make up Man, hairdresser and so on.

On our site you will find packages like Tutorial Video Packages, Video Production Packages, Corporate Video packages, Interview packages etc. Most of these packages are low cost solutions a company or an individual needs in these days of growing video consumption. These projects are too small for ad agencies and too difficult for company internal manpower. Our video packages fill in this gap.

As the name suggests, the Interview package is for shooting video interviews. These could be simple testimonial videos to sit down interviews to CEO talking about their company to CXOs addressing their clients and their internal teams. Our clients range from corporate looking to shoot interviews internally to individuals who wish to address their clients.

The Corporate Video showcases the company’s facilities, infrastructure, strengths, CXO interviews and voice over. We provide right from the script to the final video. These videos are used by companies to present to their clients and associates.

The video tutorial package has great utility. Today one just needs to log in to youtube, vimeo and other websites to see demo youtube videos or tutorial videos. We provide production support for such videos. Our camera crew plans the shoot and the required lights and sound equipment. This is very useful for companies who wish to teach the users how to use their products or teachers who wish to teach their students or management gurus to talk about tips to the world. Videos are a great way of marketing their knowledge.

Customised packages are a great way for film makers to choose exactly what they need in their video production. Right from equipment, lighst, audio gear to crew. They can choose exactly what they need and get an idea of the costs they would have to bear.

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