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  • Video Tutorial and product demo vidoes help build credibility of products. Search engines give better rankings to sites that have videos. Training videos, educational films, product videos get great viewership as even people who are not educated can also see and understand them.
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Something magical happens once you put your story in motion. People get drawn, they connect and have interaction together with your brand. It’s no wonder that video viewing statistics still shoot through the roof year after year. Let’s supercharge your brand’s magnetism through explainer videos, case study videos, video ads and more Explainer videos/video tutorials are the most effective & affordable marketing solution for a growing business. Accord Equips firmly believes that every business should have an explainer video. Explainer videos/video tutorials helps better conversion rates, clarifies your product, thus helps to boost your sales. Explainer videos explain the entire idea to the viewer in only 2-3 minutes. While video tutorial depends on how detailed is your content. These videos entice its viewer by simplistic designs and wooing elements and are always fun to watch & easy to understand. Since the content of these videos are really engaging, it easily converts the audience into a buying customer or a follower. It not only creates your brand but also adds to your sales. The traditional way to impart knowledge was long lectures or boring presentations which took hours and a person had no choice then to mandatorily attend it till it got over. While these explainer/ demo videos are interesting and gives one flexibility to watch it at their own convenience. Videos have a power to convey your whole idea in a very influencing and simplistic way within a short time. Explainer/tutorial videos are very useful in Board meetings, Trainings, Seminars, Product launch videos, Promotional campaigns, Webinars etc.

These video help a company grow their brand by making your idea accessible to clients across the world, Creating an entire new virtual world for your product, Adding more aesthetic value to your product Making brand presentations that anyone can relate to.

We understand the fact that nowadays, not all of the people who want to make, create or produce videos, are filmmakers. These clients do come with the ideas but lack the necessary knowledge to execute the concept. In this scenario, Accord Equips provide them with production expertise where our crew members support you with the pre-planning, hashing out their concept from theory to practical, share experiences on how they can execute the whole concept and provide all the necessary tools to make the production a complete success.

If you still have questions popping up like ‘how to make good video tutorial?’ or ‘how to create interactive video tutorial?’….. Guess what? We have all the necessary tools to provide solutions to all your queries.

Accord equips is a company built on the foundation of innovations. Besides housing India’s largest range of camera rental gear, they also specialize in emerging technologies Live Streaming, 360 VR Production and Video Production Services.

We always encourage our clients to test our equipment first and then decide which ones to go for. Our esteemed team of professionals also provide expert advice as per the requirement of the shoot and guide them. We also share testing videos to them on Whatsapp if needed. That’s our core ethic; we stay by our client 24x7.

The emerging nature of trend is such that now every business needs in-house videos for their websites, blogs, products and more. Hence in this development, we at Accord Equips aim to be the perfect option for small and big corporate companies to looking for the product demo videos.

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